In-Store Shopper Analytics

Capture your in-store shoppers behavior


Visualize your in-store shoppers just like a web site

Shopper Behaviour

Shopper Behaviour

Monitor your in-store shopper behavior with smart sensors. Measure Exposure, Customer Acquisition, Engagement and Retention.

Multi Location

Multi Location

Compare different Store, Cities, Regions and Countries. Easily to find best performing locations and apply their best performing aspect to the rest.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Model your physical locations like a web site with URLs and export in real-time to Google Analytics. Utilize all familiar e-commerce optimization tools and expertise on your physical store, shoppers and products.


Wi-Fi Hotspot

Our optional WiFi Hotspot module enables your shoppers to opt-in to share their contact and demographic information. Reduce churn and increase customer loyalty by establishing a behavior based two way messaging.

Manage your store like a web site

Use Google Analytics to Monitor Your Store



See what’s happening now!

Monitor your locations on any device to have total control of your operations. Foresee problems before they occur and take faster action. Organize personnel allocation between days and shifts. We track your shoppers and log their movements in our cloud system so you can go back and analyze all your KPIs hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or annually.

Cross comparison between locations lets you analyze performance in many new ways. Your customizable KPI will give you unique competitive power in your industry.


Shoppers Flow

Visualize Traffic Flow

Sales figures give you the end performance of your stores. If you have an e-store you can see what products and offers your customers browse through which was not available for offline, now it is. Empower your operations by visualizing the traffic flow inside your store. See which sections and aisles shoppers are interested in.

Categorize your locations according to customer interests and build campaigns accordingly. See which products get attention but don’t convert to sales. Organize your in store logistics and inventory based on shopper flow.



Monitor Conversions

Do you know how many people are walking in front of your stores? Find out what is the foot traffic outside your store. See if you attract them with your windows or test new designs to track real time reaction. Monitor walk in conversion, locational flow and check out conversion. Are customers visiting your most profit making areas? Which departments are check outs conversing from? How many are abandoning check out because lines are too crowded?

By understanding the funnels and conversions of your crowd you can design customer grabbing windows, distribute personnel to busy areas, position your featured goods where customers are going or change store layout for a better shopping experience.

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See how our customers are utilizing our system. You can see how two of our installations are performing in real-time

Running an airport requires operational excellence 24 hours, 365 days. With Instapio, you can monitor all sections of the airport and manage the passenger flow smoothly. Real time analytics track congestion and other bottlenecks to create instant solutions. Collected data on the cloud can help create hourly, daily and weekly flow maps that can be matched to flight plans automating HR and systematic needs.

Auto dealer shoppers are high value and require one on one sales centered around engagement. Measure their engagement on different models and sales staff performance on the floor. Empower your dealers with the right tools to detect customers, find interest on your brand, different models across regions and optimize the sales process in real time. Learn about successful sales flows to forecast an improved sales process. Benefit from our hotspot solutions to learn who your shoppers are and interact with them to optimize customer relationship management.

Visualize shopper behavior even before they walk into your store. Understand store engagement, customer retention and check out conversions. Compare different locations and make better investment decisions. Find out how successful stores are maintaining their funnels to replicate the model to all branches. Make informative decisions on new investments, personnel, windows, store interiors and create the optimum shopping experience to maximize sales. Benefit from our hotspot solutions to learn who your customers are and interact with them without mobile applications, iBeacons or loyalty cards.

Instapio is partnering with Google Analytics partners to integrate online data with offline. This partnership allows companies who are already tracking customer behavior online integrate their performance with brick and mortar businesses and adds value creation for the partners. The data collected is integrated into Google Analytics which allows the end users to compare under the same tool and build strategies that affect all channels.

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