The Platform for building behavior-based Wi-Fi Analytics Solutions




In-Store Analytics

Businesses worldwide are looking for ways to understand their shoppers behavior, just like how e-commerce sites utilize online analytics.
WiFi analytics is a technology which doesn’t require any app installation to uniquely identify and analyze behavior over time.

Behavior Mapping

Mapping shopper behavior enable businesses to understand their potential and how to maximize it.
Monitoring customer acquisition, loyalty, engagement and flow patterns enable businesses to identify and remove bottlenecks.

Location Aware Apps

Businesses are looking for ways to improve shopper experience by delivering the right message at the right location and time.
WiFi Apps enable shoppers to instantly connect with the business without any app installation to receive content on demand.

Instapio Platform

We built the right tools for you to focus on increase your value proposition and expand your market.

We deliver everything else.

Instapio Platform

How it works


Turn low cost WiFi routers into sensors with our software


Measure phone signals and map visitor behavior on our cloud


Define KPIs and profile visitors with over 30 behavioral parameters


Extend our dashboard or integrate your application with our API


Deliver interactive location aware web applications over WiFi


About Instapio

Instapio is based out of California with support offices in Turkey. We are funded by Kima Ventures, the most active angel investor in the world. Our global footprint is growing in four continents through our partnership program. Our technology is developed by our key technical experts combining their experience in the telecom and software industries.