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The largest retail technology conference in the world is rapidly approaching and we are counting the days until we are in Vegas to meet with retailers, technology companies, consultants and other players in the retail ecosystem. As brick and mortar retailers face growing challenges in staying relevant in an increasingly digitized world, we went through […]

Outline Data is becoming more and more important every day and OEM’s have critical leverage for data collection as hardware suppliers. In this webinar, find out how you can partner with Instapio for data collection very easily and  extend your solutions for your potential and existing customers. Dates: October 13 & 14 Three Webinars for […]

    Instapio nominated for Telecom Council Spiffy Awards   Instapio is nominated for Spiffy Awards, a prestigious recognition for telecommunications start-ups organized by Telecom Council. The awards are judged by some of the industry leading companies in the telecom industry BT, T-Mobile, China Mobile, DoCoMo, Orange, Reliance, Rogers, Sprint, Softbank, Swisscom, Tata, Telstra, Verizon, US Cellular […]

Over the past years, retailers have been investing into digital transformation, creating online stores and making their brick and mortar locations smarter. On the startup side, there has been a massive growth of retail technology companies in multiple areas to improve operations, cut costs and bring in more customers. To read the rest of this […]

Instapio’s CTO Parham Beheshti will be speaking about making technology invisible with Ambient Intelligence on Sunday, October 30th at the With the Best conference on Internet of Things. As more devices get smarter, it is becoming increasingly difficult to manage each device one by one to create the optimum space for our needs. Ambient Intelligence focuses […]

At Instapio, our goal is to have the physical world to be measured and optimized with the complexity of the digital world. As a platform, we get to see the different use cases companies build on top of our technology and are amazed at chain monetization opportunities enabled with the power of big data and […]

Today retailers look at a minimum of 6-12 months of sales numbers before deciding whether to keep a store in operation or close down. As Instapio, we are working hard to deliver the power of analytics to help retailers understand the changing patterns in different metrics to predict store performance before sales start going down. […]