OEM Partners


Instapio provides a turn key solution to service providers and OEM's to become data collection partners

The New Ecosystem for Consumer Intelligence

Instapio defines a new business model around connected commercial products

Fast Time to Market

Transition your equipment to a fully serviced IoT device with a winning strategy in record time

New Revenue Streams

Increase lifetime customer value by an average of 10x by offering value added solutions with your products

SaaS Business Model

Transition from after sales operations model to SaaS based monthly recurring revenues as a new business model


How it works


Connect your equipment with Instapio and become part of the data collection ecosystem


Offer consumer intelligence solution on top of your equipment to your customers


Build custom applications that work with your product using our application builder in days

Platform Integration

*The blue boxes are provided by Instapio on each corresponding row.

How to Connect Your Product to Instapio

IoT Products with Sensors

Products with data capturing sensors can integrate with the Instapio Platform through API and open their customers to our ecosystem.

IoT Products w/o Sensors

Instapio software can be remotely provisioned to IoT products with a simple software upgrade, adding signal sensing capability and access to Instapio platform.

Products with SoC

Instapio provides a custom firmware for Non-IoT products to gain sensor capability. Currently, Instapio provides customized firmware for over 200 devices.

Products w/o SoC

Product manufacturers can add compatible SoC’s to their products and enable full stack IoT capabilities from connectivity up to enterprise application delivery.


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