At Instapio, our goal is to have the physical world to be measured and optimized with the complexity of the digital world. As a platform, we get to see the different use cases companies build on top of our technology and are amazed at chain monetization opportunities enabled with the power of big data and analytics in action.

We are getting increased demand from service providers who want to monetize on pedestrian traffic of commercial properties such as markets, gas stations, bars, coffee shops etc. Here are some of the most interesting uses we have encountered.

Commercial Real Estate Valuation
On average, commercial real estate valuation takes few months and requires expertise work to be done case by case. Real estate is benchmarked according to zip code, type of business, permits and potential income opportunity. By using our technology, Instapio partners are building valuation tools that are based on number of pedestrians or vehicles in front of the location as well as the detailed behavior of the traffic such as commuters, frequent visitors and crowded hours. By utilizing this data, benchmarking and valuation across locations becomes easier and more tangible.

Digital Signage  
In a world where over 90% of media is transferred through screens, digital signage has become an important tool in the physical world to deliver advertising messages. Instapio technology is used by digital signage companies and marketing agencies who are looking to add analytics value to large brands and optimize their budgets. For smaller businesses, it increases adoption of digital signage technologies and adds revenue through hosted services.

Sponsored Brand Ads
Independent businesses are increasing their revenues from sponsored brand advertisement inside as well as outside of their businesses. They are selling their window covers according to the pedestrian traffic they benefit from and have brands competing against each other for the best effort. Brands are benefiting because they not only see the impressions of their ads they also get behavior information across multiple segmentations.

Commercial real estate is all about location, location, location. It’s inevitable that as technologies develop, brands will monetize on the untapped data that is generating outside of their store.



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