The largest retail technology conference in the world is rapidly approaching and we are counting the days until we are in Vegas to meet with retailers, technology companies, consultants and other players in the retail ecosystem. As brick and mortar retailers face growing challenges in staying relevant in an increasingly digitized world, we went through the rich Shoptalk agenda to identify the key themes and sessions for brick and mortar retailers.

Retailers are going through innovation both for internal operations as well as outlooking customer relations. Internally, much of the innovation has been happening in optimizing the largest cost for retailers: inventory and labor. Supply chain is going through incredible innovation with the assistance of artificial intelligence technologies so that stores can optimize inventory costs and overall operations. IoT technologies are also becoming key enablers in building automation and alerts. Largest retailers are testing robotics in warehousing which is still in early days but create an automated supply chain visual for the future. Amidst all this change, the retail workforce is rapidly changing. Many retailers are hiring digital transformation and marketing staff for the first time in hopes that they can bridge technology with day to day operations. On the customer front, loyalty, adoption, behavior and intent are constantly changing  and retailers are building long term strategies to remain relevant. The digital revolution and the monopolization of online across few platforms are limiting retailers’ direct communication with consumers. Across these immediate challenges, we have identified the best panels to attend for brick and mortar retailers.


Brick and Mortar Retailer Agenda 


Supply Chain and Warehouse Innovation

March 19 9:45 AM: Advances in Merchandising: AI, IoT and Beyond  

March 20 9:45 AM Innovation in Stores and Supply Chain: Blockchain, IoT and Beyond

March 20 4:30 PM: Innovations in the Warehouse: Robotics and Beyond


Retail Workforce Innovation

March 20 5:15 PM: The Evolving Store Workforce

March 21 11:05 AM:  Hiring and Attracting Digital Talent


Customer Experience Innovation

March 19 9:00 AM Mobile Experiences in the Consumer Journey

March 19 4:30 PM: Omnichannel and Seamless Customer Experiences


Consumer Preferences Innovation

March 19 5:15 PM Next Generation Loyalty

March 21 10:20 AM: Meeting the Demands of Today’s Health and Wellness-Conscious Consumer

March 21 11:50 AM: Creating Brands for New Generations: Reaching Gen Z and Millenials


Retailers are going through an incredibly fast paced digital transformation to transition their business models and touch points with the consumer. At Instapio, we are focused on bringing digitized consumer personas from brick and mortar stores. When you have time out from the sessions, we would love to meet brick and mortar retailers looking to build more customer-centric channels for their business. Drop by our exhibition table at the Store of the Future Discovery Zone or request a one on one meeting. We look forward to meeting you.

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