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USE CASEACQUISITION|RETENTION Measure acquisition, loyalty and the changing trends before they reflect on performance REQUEST A DEMO ACQUISITION Measure acquisition rates and get insight on which efforts are contributing to best results CHURN Track losses, set bounce rate metrics, visualize which stores within the chain are acquiring from existing customers LOYALTY Identify loyal customers, see when and [...]


USE CASEPERSONALIZATION Change the environment according to who is in it. Not the other way around. REQUEST A DEMO UNOBTRUSIVE Instapio's technology runs in the background and does not need any action from consumers OPEN API Instapio's API allows for easy app building and integration on top of the platform for environment personalization MOBILE APP [...]
USE CASECONVERSION & FUNNELS Visualize the customer journey from prospect to loyal customer REQUEST A DEMO CUSTOMIZE FUNNELS Create customized sales funnels using Instapio’s flexible technology UNDERSTAND BEHAVIORS Measure foot traffic, churn rate, number of visits before purchase, and more! INCREASE SALES Attract more customers by using Instapio to optimize your store floor plan and strategy Conversion and Funnels [...]
USE CASESITUATIONAL AWARENESS Locate and identify individuals during emergencies REQUEST A DEMO FIND LOCATION Measure where people are granularly with the help of Instapio sensors deployed around the area IDENTIFY PEOPLE Use connected networks to identify individuals and locate their position to determine action plan 2-WAY COMMUNICATION Establish communication to send messages and manage the [...]
USE CASEQUEUE MANAGEMENT Manage queues with real time alerts, understand predictive patterns and manage operations and staff smoothly REQUEST A DEMO IMPROVE STAFFING Manage employee time slots and break times according to real time and predictive models that can be built easily on top of the platform. OPTIMIZE FLOW Manage the flow of people according [...]

Asset Tracking

USE CASEASSET TRACKING Easily build asset tracking solutions by using wide range of unique identifiers without the need for costly hardware investment REQUEST A DEMO CLOUD ENGINE Easily deploy project sites and measure everything else easily over the cloud. MANAGED DEVICES Monitor the status of your devices through their locations easily. EXTENDED RANGE Calibrate your [...]

Event Triggers

USE CASEEVENT TRIGGERS Use the scenario based engine to notify businesses when a programmed event occurs REQUEST A DEMO CREATE THE SCENE Understand each area that needs optimization and event creation. Deploy sensors to capture the data. SET RULES Create rules for events that you need triggers for. Set unique rules and events for each [...]