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Smart Cities

USE CASESMART CITIES Create cities that respond to the needs of its people REQUEST A DEMO AIRPORT Create event triggers to optimize operational flow in airports PUBLIC AREAS Build monitoring and security solutions in parks, squares and public facilities PUBLIC TRANSPORT Utilize urban transportation by analyzing and measuring commuters behaviors Building Customized Smart City Solutions [...]


USE CASERETAIL The most advanced analytics and engagement channels with Instapio platform REQUEST A DEMO SUPERMARKETS Create customized sales funnels using Instapio’s flexible technology FASHION RETAIL Measure foot traffic, churn rate, number of visits before purchase, and more! SHOPPING MALL Attract more customers by using Instapio to optimize your store floor plan and strategy Build Solutions for Retail Analytics [...]


USE CASEMARKETING Building Marketing Analytics Solutions for Brick and Mortar Campaigns REQUEST A DEMO PROMOTIONS Measure ROI on  promotional offerings through campaign measurement tools similar to digital metrics DIGITAL SIGNAGE Measure traffic and conversion from placement ads. Personalize content for optimized delivery. BILLBOARDS Easiest way to measure the traffic and conversion for outdoor ads and billboards [...]